Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Dimples Met Glasses

Husband and I met in high school, Fall of our Senior year. We had a class together, but we didn't really like each other. Then, we started hanging out with mutual friends a lot in the Spring. I thought he may ask me to the prom, but he didn't so we went with different people (and, definitely not posting photos of that). Then, a week before graduation, he asked me to dinner which I did not think was a date. After dinner, we hung out at my house forever, and he asked if I would go out with him like be his girlfriend. So, I said yes. Then, the next morning, I may have panicked, but that's not the point.

Long story short, we dated for 4 years and then got engaged the winter after college graduation. 22 months later, we got married. On October 10, we'll be married for 10 years so I thought I'd do 10 posts on our wedding. Because we don't have a scanner, all the pictures are photos of actual photos so quality may vary. The above photo was taken right after we started dating. The below photo is a cheesy wedding picture. I had no patience for wedding pictures. I especially hated photos of myself by myself. Still, I wanted photo evidence of the dress because I really liked it. I tried on a handful of dresses, but I ultimately chose the first one I tried on. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.

All in all, our engagement was nice. We did most of our planning up front so a lot of the time was just enjoying being engaged. It didn't go perfectly as anybody who has planned a wedding understands, but I don't think it was a nightmare. At the end of the day, my main goal was to be married so I tried to keep that in mind. So, here is a sneak peek, and be sure to check in throughout the next 10 days for more of our special day!


ktNcompany said...

cute idea, april! i remember you and rob dating while we were in college - i think we even saw him here and there :) chuck and i were married 10 years last november. hard to believe how fast it goes, huh?

qunjuliete said...

Why am I not surprised that you panicked the next morning? Too funny. I love the pictures!

Shannon said...

OMG you look soooo young. You and Rob look so cute in your high school pics. Can't wait to read the rest of the posts :)

Sanna said...

I LOVE that. You can be sure I'll check in and I want more!

Lovely pics. You are so young in the first one. OMG.