Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Books Read in May 2017

I'm almost up-to-date!

Good month of books!  To be honest, American Gods took up most of the month, but it was worth it.  Despite being a little heavy on the characters and page count, I liked how it ended.  The tv show is meandering even more, but I know it is going to be more than one season.  I hope it works out because I loved how it started.  I hope it keeps up momentum, but I also hope it gets out and gets to come to as awesome of a conclusion.

Books Read and Movies Watched in April 2017

Books read in April 2017

It was a good reading month. It was all romance so pretty fast-reading books. Most were old and I felt like catching up on the series. I learned I'm not too into New Adult fiction. I really liked Maya Banks Highlander series, but then I found out it stalled after two books, but there is rumor a third may eventually be released. Fingers crossed!

Movies watched in April 2017

I really enjoyed Central Intelligence. The others were a fine waste of time. I figured I'd take advantage of the movie channels and made my way through their offerings.