Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unmotivated at work...

I borrowed this from Sanna's blog. I probably would have done better, but I'm more concerned with accuracy. So, this is my score with 100% accuracy during the time allotted.

96 words


March 20 - Sweater Day

When I was little, the only tv I watched was PBS. One of my favorite shows was Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. I was crushed when Fred Rogers passed away. So, imagine my delight when I heard that March 20 is Sweater Day. 2008 would have been Mister Rogers' 80th birthday and, in honor of that, March 20 is Sweater Day. I also read that Pittsburgh is having a whole "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" week. I loved how kind Mister Rogers seemed and how calm he was and how it seemed like he talked right to you through the television screen. I often wonder towards what pop culture items Baby will gravitate. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Books read in February 2008

  1. Dangerous Cravings by Evangeline Anderson.
  2. Betting on Santa by Debra Salonen. (NOTE: This is the second book in the Texas Hold 'Em series. Book 1 is The Baby Gamble by Tara Taylor Quinn. Book 3 is Going for Broke by Linda Style. Book 4 is Deal Me In by Cynthia Thomason. Book 5 is Texas Bluff by Linda Warren.)
  3. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.

I had an unusual month where I picked up and put down books many times, and I even read a couple of them simultaneously. Still, I did like all of them. I especially looked forward to Kristin Hannah's book. She's one of my all-time favorite author, and she has such a masterful way of telling a story. Her characters are always written with such depth. I should also add a warning that the first book is erotica with shades of BDSM and also has some shifting points of view. The story was interesting, but the shifting points of view made the writing a little choppy. I did like the mystery though.

And the winner is...


Every year, Husband, Mom and I compete in an Oscar pool. I would say Husband has won 9 times out of the last 11 years. He was all talk this year. He started trash talking weeks ago. The night started out well for him. He rocked the first four awards. Then, the turning point was Sound Mixing and Sound Editing where I came back, and he never regained the lead again (though he did tie it later on).

It's hilarious that Husband is totally beating himself up over this, but meanwhile, I'm gloating because until the 81st Academy Awards ceremony, I am the reigning champion!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

UPDATE on the Best Show on Television

Here is the latest. It looks like Friday Night Lights may be over for the season. However, it looks like there's a possible hint of a glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel or, as the saying goes, it could be an oncoming train.

Anyway, to sum up
this article, the show may get the opportunity to wrap up everything in a 2-hour movie or come up with a cross-network deal to air the episode on NBC and then replays during the week on other networks. Meanwhile, I've heard rumor that the Season 2 DVD is going to be available in the Spring. If you want to know what people with real motivation are doing to save the show, click here. They are doing all they can to save the show and help different charities. It also seems like they have the show's producer/sometime director and some of the actors' support as well.

Seriously, people, if you watch this show, I'll shut up about it. Isn't that enough reason? Oh, and the hot guys - who are all of legal age... I've looked them up.

Snow Day!

Well, it finally happened! I got a snow day! OK, the truth is that we were expecting a massive winter storm... that never came. Rumor has it that some roads were icy, but I didn't see it. Either way, my boss e-mailed me at 8:30 (I always check my e-mail between my shower and my mad, frantic rush to attempt to get to work on time) and told me that she was working from home and that I should, too. So, I got to work from home. It was nice because Baby was right next to me in the bassinet. Talk about the most productive day. No goofing off when you work at home. I took care of Baby to let Husband sleep, cleaned the house, and managed to do actual work. I can't wait to get back into the office to relax!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunshine Go Away Today

I hate the morning. Everyone who knows me knows this. I hate all parts of the morning. We've been lucky that Baby sleeps a lot, too. She'll sleep, on average, 8 hours a night and often sleeps more than that. So, I can't complain when she does wake up. She's very patient with the half-awake Mommy or the rushing-to-work Mommy - whichever greets her on a given day. Still, it's no trial to get her up in the morning because this is seriously how she greets every morning. Actually, this isn't as happy as she usually gets, but it's as happy as she would show the camera this morning.

Sidenote: if anyone ever shows up in my bedroom moments after I wake up with a camera, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow Day!

I'm like a little kid. Every morning, I wake up hoping for a snow day. Essentially, it has to snow a lot for us to have a snow day, but I even love a delay. If the Federal Government is delayed or closed, our office follows suit. Last week, I had a glorious 2-hour delay. Well, I had to get up to feed the baby anyway, but it was the idea that I didn't have to rush to work that was glorious. Snow is in the forecast this week as well. We didn't get any this morning, but Friday and Saturday are looking cold and possibly wintery. Of course, you know the snow will be put off until the weekend and ruin my weekend plans. Isn't that always the way?

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm an idiot!

Today, I walked to the mall (yes, three mall visits in three days) with Baby. It is a beautiful day out. We made some stops and ran some errands. When I got to CVS, they asked for my CVS Card, and I couldn't find it. It's not a big deal except my housekeys are attached to it. So, I wondered where my keys were! I checked through everything, and they were nowhere. I went back to the apartment. I can get a spare set in the short term. I pick up my package at the front desk and see my keys sitting there! I tell the attendant, "Um, those are mine!" So, he starts chatting that he knew that. I didn't think my name or apartment were on my keys, but I may have left them in my mailbox. So, someone turned them in, and he knew Husband and worried that Baby may have been in trouble, but it's more that I was an idiot. The desk attendant was so nice. He remembered seeing Husband leaving to go golfing this morning and remembers the day we took home Baby (we um left in such a hurry to the hospital that we forgot the car seat so we had to have the building let the inlaws in to get it). Anyway, he had labeled my keys in case someone else was manning the desk. He always asks how Baby is and always remembers her name (and Husband's name so I guess it's only my name that gets forgotten). He's really sweet and thank goodness for the kindness of strangers turning my keys in! Man, and they let me take a baby home from the hospital!

Sidenote: That's the expression we use whenever we do something completely idiotic. "They gave us a baby!"

Happy Presidents' Day!

I don't know if this is what our Founding Fathers imagined, but it is, indeed, a happy Presidents' Day. SciFiHD network has a Firefly marathon! I know, I own the series, but it's always a treat when it's on tv. Plus, Husband is out golfing so I can get a bunch of episodes in before he comes home. Maybe he'll agree to seeing Serenity later tonight (but it's doubtful).

Happy Presidents' Day! UPDATE: Husband came home and immediately changed the channel without even asking. That drives me absolutely crazy. Granted, I have the series on DVD and probably would have let him, but I hate that he just takes over in the middle of an episode. So, in return, he's now on baby duty.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Today, Baby slept almost all day long. Then, she woke up and was miserable! I don't think I've ever seen her so upset. You'd think she'd be happy after a long day of shopping. She does love the mall with all its sights and smells. She finally ate and now is playing with her playmat. She loves her toy. She gets so happy (and tuckered out).

Hopefully, the toy will help keep her active so she will tired enough to sleep well tonight. Otherwise, it will be a long night. Good thing she is the type of baby to sleep late in the morning if she's up late the night before. She's never been a bad sleeper through the night, but I don't want tonight to be the first!

Lately, Baby has been going to bed early. Why is she so tired, you ask? Well, every morning around 7:00AM, her motion alarm goes off. For those who haven't heard of the technology, there is this pad that goes under the mattress and it is so sensitive to movement, it senses when Baby breathes. If Baby stops breathing, the alarm sounds. Husband was very nervous about having a baby and all the possible dangers so the monitor is more to make him feel more at ease than it is to be on the look out. Anyway, the last two days in a row, the monitor has sounded at the same time. Husband has been crazy! Basically, Baby rolls off the mattress so the sensor doesn't pick her breathing or weight any longer. It will probably happen more now that she is more mobile in her crib. I suppose this falls under better safe than sorry.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just call him "Overprotective"...

As a rule, I don't do anything for Valentine's Day. Sometimes, I use it to turn off sports for a night or drag Husband to the movies, but we don't do gifts. This year, I did pick him up a tiny present (which actually is for Baby). I don't know if you can read it, but it says "Sorry, Guys, I can't date until I'm 30". I just heard a rumor that I received some sort of gift today, too. This only makes me nervous because Husband has only gone to the grocery store today. So, what kind of gift did he get me from the grocery store?

UPDATED: The boy bought me one of my favorite movies, Dodgeball and a gift certificate to iTunes. It was very nice considering we don't exchange gifts... except that I already own the movie. Oh, well, he had good intentions.

Agree to Disagree

I am a big fan of matchbox twenty. The music makes me happy. I've seen the band in concert three times, the most recent was last Friday night. However, no one in my family shares my obsession. They all tell me repeatedly how bad the music is and ask me why I listen to it. It makes me so mad! I don't tell them that their music is sucky (and it is). Plus, I found out that you can buy recordings of the concerts. I'm contemplating buying the recording from the concert I attended. I'll probably break down within the next week or so. I'd say that this is a guilty pleasure, but it's without the guilt.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clear Eyes! Full Heart! Can't Lose (this show)!

This show is the best show on television. Seriously. For those who may have just tuned in this year, I agree that this year hasn't been as strong as last year, but there is such potential. The acting is superb. There is literally something for everyone in this show. At the very least, save this show so you can stop hearing me go on and on about it.

Click here to read about the show and the danger it is facing. In addition to the episodes recommended, I recommend watching the episode "Wind Sprints". It is the episode in which you see Tim Riggins standing in the rain full of guilt, soaking wet, and totally yummy. If you watch the show, you, too, will have your own cheer to get you through the day. In our apartment, we say "Clear Eyes! Full Hearts! Can't Lose!" quite often.

Here are some ways people are trying to save the best show ever!

Save Friday Night Lights
Best Week Ever's Campaign
NBC Studios
Save Friday Night Lights MySpace page

If you want to send letters, postcards, or anything else, here’s the snail mail address for NBCNBC Studios:
3000 W. Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91523

Plus, if you still have not checked out the show, the first season on DVD is approximately $20. You can't beat that! OK, actually, you can. If you want to watch for free, you can click here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank You

Thank you. They're easy words. They're simple. Someone says or does something nice to you. You say "thank you". End of exchange. Why then, do I feel weird if I just say "thank you"? It's like I owe a compliment back. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love compliments. I like hearing I'm pretty, that Husband is a great guy, that Baby is perfect. Who doesn't like hearing nice things? It's just I have a one compliment limit. Any additional compliments make me uncomfortable.

Here is an example: yesterday, I was in the elevator, and a woman gets on. She sized me up like you do when you see someone new. I gave her a smile and then read my book so as not to encourage conversation. Plus, it's a really good book. Anyway, the woman says, "I like your jacket." I say "thank you." Then, she continues to say, "It's beautiful, the way it matches your dark hair and dark eyes. It looks warm. Is that real or faux fur?" I tell her that for $20, I'm pretty sure the fur was fake. She tells me that it's a really nice jacket and wants to know where I got it. I tell her. As a sidenote, I should mention the jacket is nice, but it's not that nice. It's just a hooded jacket from Old Navy, but I do get compliments on it all the time. Anyway, this is the entire elevator conversation. I just got really uncomfortable, and the woman was just telling me how great my jacket was and how nice it looked on me. It should be a perfect scenario! Why is it I just couldn't just say "thank you" without feeling all weird?

Curiosity or Nosiness or the Need to be Better?

I'm not one to talk to strangers. Maybe that lesson that Mom taught me sunk in a little too much. Maybe I am just shy. I just don't initiate conversation with people I don't know. Now that we have Baby, it seems everyone is so eager to talk to us. This actually started while we were expecting. People feel like they can ask you anything! When I was pregnant, it was all about "when are you due?" or "how's the morning sickness?" or "what cravings do you have?" Then, of course, I get a little short with people asking you questions that are none of your business. They just nod and respond that it's just the hormones. No, it's not! I don't know you. Go away. Hm. Maybe the reason I don't talk to strangers is just that I don't like people.

Anyway, since Baby came, people haven't stopped talking to me. I can understand that they can't hold back. I mean, she is the most adorable baby ever. The talking just drive me nuts. "How old is she?" "How much does she weigh?" "You guys must be so tired." "You must miss all the things you've had to give up."

I partially think people want you to have as difficult of a time as they had when raising their insane children. Truthfully, Baby is a really good baby. Since her second week home, she slept 4-5 hours a night. During the last month or two, she's been sleeping 6-8 hours or more. Lately, she hasn't napped as much and ends up sleeping 9 hours at night. As for sacrificing things for Baby, we haven't had to give up much. We've given up just running out anywhere. A quick trip to the grocery store doesn't exist anymore because there's the bundling up the baby, getting the diaper bag, putting in the car seat, etc. However, as far as entertainment goes, Husband went on his annual Vegas trip with the boys and went to a couple of out-of-state hockey games. I've gone to the movies and to a concert. I'd say we have more fun sharing activities with her than we miss doing adult-only activities. Okay, "adult activities" sounded dirty, but you know what I mean.

As a parent, I'm trying so hard not to fall into the competitiveness. It seems there will always be kids who are going to roll over first, crawl first, sleep longer, be better in the car, etc. I'm also trying not to judge other parents. We breastfeed as I mentioned in another entry, but I don't think women are bad parents if they choose not to. Plus, I have to admit that I don't exclusively breastfeed either. I'm not 100% into the family bed, but I'm not going to criticize families who do share that philosophy. I've been known to nap with Baby. On the flip side, I already know I'm not a perfect parent and I'm totally winging it. I don't need other mothers telling me I'm horrible in tone or words.

I'm beginning to wonder if others ask questions about your baby just so they can judge and make themselves feel better. If that's the case, it just makes me like other people less.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baptism by Water

As Baby's baptism nears, I was thinking that I didn't know the official symbolism or meaning of the event. I knew what I thought it meant, but there was not the preparation I expected. We just show up at the church all ready to go. With marriage and communion and confirmation, there is at least some spiritual preparation. I would think this event would have more than just an informative class where we filled out paperwork. Baby will be baptized in the Catholic Church. As I'm not Catholic, I'm definitely not knowledgable in all its traditions and sacraments. Neither is Husband who couldn't tell me when you can start receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday. So, this is what I found out. From Wikipedia, some Christian groups assert baptism is a requirement for salvation and a sacrament. It continues to say that, for Roman Catholics, baptism by water is a sacrament of initiation into the life of children of God. The liturgy makes clear reference to baptism as not only a symbolic burial and resurrection, but an actional supernatural transformation, one that draws parallels to the experience of Noah and the passage of the Israelites through the Red Sea divided by Moses. Thus, baptism is the literally and symbolically not only cleansing but also dying and rising again with Christ. Catholics believe that baptism is necessary for the cleansing of original sin and for that reason infant baptism is a common practice. I don't really like the idea of original sin. Babies are innocent. Life is hard enough without the shadow of original sin.

So, technical jargon aside, I always loved baptisms. I loved how my church handled them. I always viewed them as a welcome into the Church and a formal introduction into God's love and family. Plus, in the Protestant churches to which I've belonged, there was a section where the congregation promised to help raise the child with the Word of God which I always liked.

Sadly, I'd have to say Husband and I would seem so much more religious except for the actual attending of church. We enjoy it, but we just never seem to go. We plan on it because we want Baby to grow up with religion, but I can't say exactly why we don't go regularly or when we'll start.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cause for Celebration!

Nephew went potty today! He's 2 1/2 and has been slow with each of his developmental milestones. He likes to get things on the first shot. If he doesn't, he gets frustrated. He's had a potty for some time now. He likes to sit on the potty and flush, but he never took off his pants. Today, my mother asked him if he wanted to use the potty. He just said yes, pulled down his pants, sat down and did his thing! We're so proud of him. We'll see if it takes, but he's been telling everyone he used the potty. So, if positive encouragement means anything, he'll be potty-trained in no time. Of course, we all know that positive encouragement helps, but he'll learn as quickly as he wants to. It's a long process. I don't blame him. It must be nice to go about your business while doing your business. Plus, he doesn't have to get up out of a nice warm bed at night to go into a freezing bathroom. One of the first heartbreaks of growing up...

Cleaning House

I realized why I don't clean often. It's such a pain! Because we have all these people coming over this weekend and I've procrastinated as long as possible, I put together a plan so everything gets done. Monday was my recharging day. Well, this is because I was too tired to do anything. So, Baby and I took a nap. Yesterday, my plan was to tidy up the entire apartment to make it easy to clean. I did 98% of the cleaning. I just have to hang my clean clothes up in the closet. Tonight, I will hang up the clothes and dust. Tomorrow, I just have to clean the bathrooms and kitchen which shouldn't take too long. I have been pretty good about keeping those rooms clean. Husband will do the floors and trash and order food. We're both splitting the grocery shopping.

It would be easier if I had Friday, but I'm going to see matchbox twenty so I lose an entire day. It's worth it. Saturday morning will be rough, but it'll still be worth it.

I suppose it's good that we're cleaning. It's been awhile since the whole house got cleaned. We've been keeping up with things since Baby was born, but the apartment hasn't had a full overhaul in quite some time. My goal is to keep up with it a little more. Ha. That's my goal every year! Oh, and I so don't have a big smile on my face when I clean. I'm more like the Tasmanian Devil haphazzardly whirling about yelling inarticulate noises.

Monday, February 4, 2008

OMG, this sums up my week!

I realize it is Monday, but this picture sums up my week (and last week, too). Work has been really busy. It hasn't been crazy busy, but it's been one of those phases where I fix one problem and three sprout up in its place. That's when I do my job well. I did make an honest mistake last week which I'm in the process of cleaning up. This always happens right before a review. It's not a bad error. It's something everyone does at least once in this job. I just hate making such a little, stupid mistake. Also, Baby gets baptised this weekend so there is a lot to do. We're having a party at our (small) apartment. There's a ton of cleaning, cooking, and organizing to do - of which I've done none! Anyway, I haven't decided if I'm more stressed out or sleep deprived.

Happy New Year!

No, I'm not late. I'm actually early. February 7th is the start of a new year according to the lunar calendar. It's commonly referred to as the Chinese New Year though many Asian countries celebrate. This year is Year of the Rat. My mother is born in the Year of the Rat. She's not happy about this fact. I'm thinking of ordering stickers for her birthday with rats on them. I still may. UPDATED: I bought a Year of the Pig magnet for my mother and plan on buying the postage stamps as well.

As many of you know, Baby is Year of the Pig. Rumor and legend said last year was the Golden Pig which was supposed to be extra lucky and a good year to have a baby. For us, it was. This is why poor Baby has a room full of pigs.

I can't say we celebrate the new year. It will be sad to see the end of the Year of the Pig though. It will always be special to us. Later in the year, we'll have a photo of Baby in her Year of the Pig outfit. It's very cute. Maybe I'll surround her with all her pigs.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's all about the dress...

I just recently saw 27 Dresses. It got us talking about weddings and being bridesmaids. First, I would think holding the dress while a bride relieved herself would be out of my range of duties. Second, and I know the movie exaggerated things, but why are ugly bridesmaid dresses even available for purchase? I mean, there's wearing a color or style that's not your favorite or even perfectly flattering, but why are the petticoats and parasols even designed? It's just wrong.

I have to say that I've been super lucky in all the weddings that I've been in. I've worn all three dresses at least twice and genuinely like them. However, I've known a lot of people were totally uncomfortable in their bridesmaids dresses. I wouldn't want my best friends to be uncomfortable. I like to think my friends liked the dress I chose. If they didn't, I don't feel bad. The dress I chose for my bridesmaids was really reasonable. I would have worn it. Hey, they were lucky I didn't put them in my favorite color, purple. I at least know they liked the color. That said, it's always fun hearing about other people's bridesmaid nightmares. Below is a photo of my last bridesmaid dress.