Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's all about the dress...

I just recently saw 27 Dresses. It got us talking about weddings and being bridesmaids. First, I would think holding the dress while a bride relieved herself would be out of my range of duties. Second, and I know the movie exaggerated things, but why are ugly bridesmaid dresses even available for purchase? I mean, there's wearing a color or style that's not your favorite or even perfectly flattering, but why are the petticoats and parasols even designed? It's just wrong.

I have to say that I've been super lucky in all the weddings that I've been in. I've worn all three dresses at least twice and genuinely like them. However, I've known a lot of people were totally uncomfortable in their bridesmaids dresses. I wouldn't want my best friends to be uncomfortable. I like to think my friends liked the dress I chose. If they didn't, I don't feel bad. The dress I chose for my bridesmaids was really reasonable. I would have worn it. Hey, they were lucky I didn't put them in my favorite color, purple. I at least know they liked the color. That said, it's always fun hearing about other people's bridesmaid nightmares. Below is a photo of my last bridesmaid dress.


MisbehavinAngel said...

April, just wanted to say hi. I read your blog regurlarly, but don't always find the time to post.

Love, Sanna

Shoshana said...

April, I saw your blog from Sanna. I can't believe how big your daughter is now.