Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, it finally happened! I got a snow day! OK, the truth is that we were expecting a massive winter storm... that never came. Rumor has it that some roads were icy, but I didn't see it. Either way, my boss e-mailed me at 8:30 (I always check my e-mail between my shower and my mad, frantic rush to attempt to get to work on time) and told me that she was working from home and that I should, too. So, I got to work from home. It was nice because Baby was right next to me in the bassinet. Talk about the most productive day. No goofing off when you work at home. I took care of Baby to let Husband sleep, cleaned the house, and managed to do actual work. I can't wait to get back into the office to relax!


Naomi said...

LOL. I love working from home. I get a lot done. More than I do in the office. Don't know what that says about me. Don't want to know. *g*

Glad the storm didn't materialize. And that you got to spend the day with Baby and Husband!