Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cleaning House

I realized why I don't clean often. It's such a pain! Because we have all these people coming over this weekend and I've procrastinated as long as possible, I put together a plan so everything gets done. Monday was my recharging day. Well, this is because I was too tired to do anything. So, Baby and I took a nap. Yesterday, my plan was to tidy up the entire apartment to make it easy to clean. I did 98% of the cleaning. I just have to hang my clean clothes up in the closet. Tonight, I will hang up the clothes and dust. Tomorrow, I just have to clean the bathrooms and kitchen which shouldn't take too long. I have been pretty good about keeping those rooms clean. Husband will do the floors and trash and order food. We're both splitting the grocery shopping.

It would be easier if I had Friday, but I'm going to see matchbox twenty so I lose an entire day. It's worth it. Saturday morning will be rough, but it'll still be worth it.

I suppose it's good that we're cleaning. It's been awhile since the whole house got cleaned. We've been keeping up with things since Baby was born, but the apartment hasn't had a full overhaul in quite some time. My goal is to keep up with it a little more. Ha. That's my goal every year! Oh, and I so don't have a big smile on my face when I clean. I'm more like the Tasmanian Devil haphazzardly whirling about yelling inarticulate noises.


Naomi said...

I've been on a cleaning binge for a while now. Well, it's more a decluttering binge. We have too much crap. So, during this down time in renovations, I'm going through the crap and tossing, giving away or selling things. Which takes a ton of energy in itself. Crazy.

I missed MB20's concert here. It was Monday. They sold out before I could buy tickets. I heard it was excellent, so I hope you have a good time. Call me so I can listen to Rob sing, 'kay? :D

Shoshana said...

I clean like a lunatic. Okay...I meant really like when I feel like it, I'd clean everything...then someone would have to cook for the kids because I am cleaning.