Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend Update - Naps Are Our Friend

Last weekend, nothing much happened despite grand plans to clean the apartment.  On Saturday, Little Miss and I played every board game we own.  I lost almost every single one of them from Guess Who to Old Maid to Candyland to Chutes and Ladders to I Spy.  Then, Little Miss and I had lunch and took a nap.  In the late afternoon, I took a shower and pretty much did nothing until it was time to go to bed.  In my defense, I had a pretty bad headache. 

On Sunday, Little Miss and I met Sister-in-Law and Nephew at the mall for holiday pictures.  It went successfully.  Then, we had lunch and walked around the mall.  To my disappointment, we found nothing that was worth waiting in line for.  Little Miss wanted a pair of fingerless gloves (on sale) but not enough to stand in line.  So, we left.  She napped when we got home for a little while, and I relaxed a bit on the couch watching some tv.  I regretted not taking a nap later though.

That was the entire weekend.  It was pretty low-key though not as low key as this coming up weekend.  It'll sound like absolute excitement compared the coming up weekend. 

Week 16

So, according to this week, the baby is the size of an avocado which has made me want guacamole all week long. The baby is listening to my voice, thanks to tiny bones forming in the ears, growing hair, lashes and eyebrows. And the baby is forming taste buds. That's a pretty big week. Big like my waistline.

I had some growing pains this week which makes sense as the belly seemed to come out of nowhere this week. Also, I went to the doctor for my blood test (to check for genetic anonalies - the last test unless we need further testing) and discovered I gained all the weight I lost in the first trimester. During the last 2 weeks. So, that made the nurse happy. I knew I was up to the challenge. And I surpassed 100 pounds (just barely) which always freaks me out a little. It's just a number, and I'm not seriously freaked out, but it always seems so much bigger than anything slightly smaller.  I go back in 2 weeks and then we get the big 20 week ultrasound.  Exciting times. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 15

You can find additional information here, but "the average fetus at 15 weeks weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 4 inches -- and his proportions are becoming even more normal, since his legs now outmeasure his arms."

My goals this week were to gain weight and hydrate. Last week, the doctor noted that the amniotic fluid looked low, but this could be because I'm the worst at hydration so this week, I got back on the bandwagon. So, if you can't find me, chances are I'm in the restroom. As for the weight, I've lost about 5 pounds since prepregnancy which is a lot for me. Too bad I couldn't do this while not pregnant, but I guess life doesn't work that way. I wasn't even that ill during the first trimester. I attribute this to being asked to go on the gestational diabetes diet early. I may have to take a break and carb up through the holiday. Truthfully, at this point, because the baby is measuring an average size, the weight loss isn't that much of a concern.

I do officially hate all my clothes yet even in my hatred, I understand that maternity clothes are a big waste of money. It's going to cause a problem when I want to wear pants during the winter months and only have 2 pairs though. I'll have to figure something out but I'm not there yet. Thanks to some MacGuyver like moves, my prepregnancy pants still work - they're just working extra hard. As for movement, the internet says around 16 weeks for first-time moms (though I was more like 30 weeks because I was the most unintuitive mom out there) or earlier. I thought I felt some movement this week though.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update - Where Did It Go?

I suppose, in all honest, many are still on their weekend.  I am working this Veterans' Day though.

I had good intentions (ok, some intention) to clean this past weekend.  We watched a little tv on Friday instead.  Then, we just got busy and lazy.  I should amend that to say I got busy and lazy because Little Miss actually did a fantastic job cleaning her room. 

On Saturday, I met college friends and their children for brunch.  It was great catching up.  I don't think I've seen them in about 10 years.  After, I went home to take a quick nap to try to rid myself of a headache before going to a six-year-old's birthday party.  I think it was kind of pointless, but I can't imagine what the headache would have been like if I hadn't rested first.  So, when I got home, I rested some more to completely rid myself of it.

On Sunday, we got up to get Christmas portraits done with Nephew.  Before we left, Little Miss and I spent time together in the morning where she spent the time reading her school paperwork and asked for an impromtu lesson on the difference between commas and "capostrophes".  So, we had a little schooling.  She then went to finish all her school work she didn't have time to finish throughout the week because she wasn't assigned any weekend homework to do.  Seriously, who does this?
Getting dressed, I noticed that I bought Little Miss's dress a size too small by accident.  After calling the store, I was told that I would have to send it back to get a refund (minus shipping costs), but I decided to take it to the mall just in case.  I was going to be there anyway.  To skip ahead, Gap Kids did give me a refund with no question at all.  So, thumbs up Gap Kids.  Also, thumbs up for having a bathroom in your store.  It was a lifesaver.  Anyway, the portraits came out well, I thought.  After, we did lunch at The Cheesecake Factory which is never a bad idea.  Then, we said farewell to Sister and Nephew while we walked around. 

While at the mall, we saw that the Santa display was up.  I told Little Miss we could walk around, but we weren't doing Santa that day.  Even though she looks like a big girl, she really wanted to see Santa.  The display made it appear like it snowed inside, and she had a blast just walking around.  I promised her we'd see Santa closer to Christmas.

I also promised my free monthly chocolate from Godiva to Little Miss.  She talked me into a chocolate turkey for $6.95.  However, when we checked out, the woman said if I spent $10, I'd get $10 off.  So, we picked up a second chocolate turkey and our entire receipt was $3 and change.  So, I had to buy more to pay less.  Good day indeed.

Last night, Little Miss spent the night at the In-Laws' apartment so I took that opportunity to go to bed early. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


It looks like I forgot Halloween.  Little Miss was a bumblebee.  Nephew was obviously Captain America.  We had our ultrasound so my dad picked up Little Miss from school, and we all met at my parents' house.  After dinner, the kids (and parents) went door-to-door for a little over an hour.  It was a lot of fun despite the little bit of drizzle.  Because of work, this is the first Halloween Husband has participated in since her first two. 

Weekend Update - You Say It's My Birthday

All of last week, I was battling a head cold.  On Friday, I cleaned a little, but it was a busy week, and I was just exhausted.  So, I went to bed.  Saturday was Little Miss's birthday party for which I woke up early.  I cleaned the house and started cooking, but as it always happens, we were running behind.  My parents came early to help and in the nick of time!  We were still maybe a few minutes late, but it wasn't that bad.  I don't think it affected the party at all.  It was chaos, but I think Little Miss had fun.

Father-in-Law made the cake and cupcakes which were the hit of the party.  Everyone had compliments.  Little Miss was showered with gifts.  Her favorites included glitter paint (from Mom), Cinderella Uno Cards (from Brother-in-Law) and some new board games.  She also received a lot of arts and crafts sets which she'll enjoy.  Some of the presents were very nostalgic like Connect Four and Lite Brite.  It makes me feel not as old to see her play with the same toys and games that I enjoyed.

On Saturday night, we had a quiet night.  Little Miss and I played some of her new games before bed.  Then, we all crashed fairly early after scavenging and eating leftovers from the party food.

On Sunday, Little Miss and I woke up early to go to a birthday party.  It was rushed, but she had a good time and had a good nap in the afternoon.  After the rest, we played another new game.  She's becoming quite the winner - and trash talker.  It's kind of hilarious even if I'm trying to make her a good sport at the same time.  We did dinner, bath and bed last night, but it was a rough night.  She was a little clingy and had trouble staying asleep which had to do with the nap and some itchy skin.  She's been a little clingier than usual, but as she put it so succinctly this morning, "I miss you except tomorrow (when she's with her cousin), and then I'll forget about you."  So, it's nice to know where I stand.  Good weekend, but I need a weekend to recover!

Week 14

This week's information can be found here, but baby is the size of a lemon or 3 1/2" inches long which is probably close to accurate. We were a little over 3" long last week during our ultrasound. Based on last week, the little one was busy kicking and moving around. In all the ultrasounds, he's been quite active which exhausts me just thinking about it.
We had our next doctor appointment Friday morning, but I expect hope all will go well. I can't imagine anything popping up since last Thursday's ultrasound. I'm not sure if they'll do the next set of blood tests tomorrow or the next appointment, but this month should be relatively uneventful before the big 20 week scan. Meanwhile, Little Miss really wishes she could hear the heartbeat. She'll be excited once she'll be able to feel him move, I bet. Knowing my intuition, she'll feel him before I do. I didn't recognize movement with Little Miss until practically birth. 

Update:  Blood test in 2 weeks so no needles on Friday.  That was good.  The little bugger was too busy moving to get a heartbeat, but we took a quick super low-res ultrasound of it and saw that everything was ok.  There were some other little items to watch, but all is good.  We go back in 4 weeks and then get our order for the big ultrasound to check progress and confirm gender again.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Books Read in October 2013

  1. Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
  2. Drawn Together by Lauren Dane  (NOTE:  This is part of the Brown Family series. The order of which can be found here.
  3. The Untamed Mackenzie by (NOTE: This is part of the Mackenzie/Highland Pleasures series - the order of which can be found here)
  4. The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie by (NOTE: This is part of the Mackenzie/Highland Pleasures series - the order of which can be found here)
Decent month – not too few or too many. Orange is the New Black was for book club, and I found it very interesting. The other three were romance which were fast and enjoyable reads. I do enjoy the Mackenzie series and, despite mixed reviews, I enjoyed it. It was a challenging character, but I love seeing characters redeemed, even the ones you think cannot be redeemed at all.

Movies Watched in October 2013

  1. Captain Phillips
It was another pathetic movie month this month. I did at least make it to the theater for this one. It was a well done movie, and we got to see it in the theater that has recliners which is always a plus. I highly recommend this viewing pleasure. I like having my feet up only, but you can pretty much fully recline. It’s glorious. The movie was pretty good, too.

Random Tidbits

  1. Little Miss threw a tantrum on Tuesday because I wouldn't let her finish all of her homework for the week.  I'm the meanest mom ever.  This was also due in part because she was unhappy with how the finished product kept coming out.  Our solution was that she do Tuesday's homework and the rest on Wednesday.  We worked through the challenge of drawing a perfect dog and drew a snake instead. 
  2. Little Miss loves homework.  It's ridiculous.  She is aware that she's only in kindergarten which is why she enjoys it and that she probably won't in a couple of years.  Still, even on the weekend, she'll take quizzes on the little tablet she got for her birthday last year.  For fun.  Seriously, she takes quizzes for fun. 
  3. I'm at the awkward stage where prepregnancy clothes are too tight (my shirt on Monday was working extra hard), but maternity clothes are too big.  However, I've somewhat passed the point where I just looked like I gained 5 pounds from a big lunch which is good.  I'm lucky in that this is when, belly aside, I'm my leanest.  All my weight goes to the belly and the rest kind of migrates there.  That said, it all shifts back after I stop breastfeeding (unless I do something drastic like exercise).
  4. I had forgotten the growing pains of pregnancy.  I remembered the sickness and the congestion (though glad I never got the bloody noses this time around), but I forgot the growing belly pains.  Ouch. 
  5. I feel bad that our Christmas tree farm is closed, but it used to take us the entire day to drive out there, pick a tree and drive back to set it up.  We found a place that is much closer and still a little privately-owned place.  It should take us maybe an hour to do.  I'm looking forward to relaxing the day after Thanksgiving now.  What we save in gas is used in buying a mini pointsettia for Little Miss though.  They're so cute (as is she), and it's hard to resist when she asks for something so little.  Some days I feel like we just say no to her all the time.  I mean, I packed her snack for school (Wheat Thins), and she thanked me like I'd given her a giant cupcake.  Gratitude is nice, but I don't feel like Wheat Thins are worth a hug and declaration that I'm the best mom ever.  It's nice she thinks so if only for the moment.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Car Conversations

Last night, Little Miss and I drove out to my parents' house during rush hour traffic.  We got to talking about a great number of things.  At one point, I asked Little Miss if she was going to help her brother with his homework.  Her response was outrage.

"Mommy, I'm not going to remember the things I did as a CHILD!"

And that was the end of that.

Monday, November 4, 2013


My mom, and Husband to a certain extent, are history buffs.  Both know all the presidents.  My mom has challenged her grandchildren (this began with my cousins who did not take her up on the challenge) to learn the presidents.  For achieving this goal, there is a great sum of money earned.  Nephew did this last year at the age of 7.  We may be able to do that as well if not surpass that age. 

Little Miss has learned the first ten presidents, first and last names.  I told her she only needed to learn the last names, but she would have none of that.  I'm also hoping my mom doesn't take points away for mispronunciation because Martin Van Buren is a little tricky for her.  Her extra points for learning first and last names should carry her.

Regardless, her favorite (so far) is John Tyler. In the book that we have, John Tyler is surrounded by marbles. I ran across this today. I don't have the heart to tell her it's a myth. She'll have to find a new favorite president.  Maybe she'll like Teddy Roosevelt.  His page has a teddy bear.

I'm editing this to mention that many websites still say that John Tyler was playing marbles when notified he was now President.  I'll let Little Miss believe it for now, and she can make up her own mind.  It's not like there's a reliable source to confirm anymore.

Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Crush Dreams (In One Easy Step)

Two weeks ago, during our ultrasound, the doctor was alarmed because there seemed to be an anomaly in the development of the bladder.  So, he wanted to see us again in two weeks.  Yesterday, we went in for our third ultrasound in a very short time.  It's amazing how much the baby has grown and developed though. 

It looks like all the organs are where they are supposed to be, and the baby is measuring where a 13 week baby should.  We saw and measured the heartbeat and saw organs, blood flow, and spine along with both hands/arms and feet/legs.  Lots of kicking so I feel like I'm in trouble down the road. 

The technician asked if we wanted to see the gender.  We didn't think you could tell at 13 weeks, but you clearly could.  We're having a boy.  Our first thought went to Little Miss who had her heart set on a sister.  More in a minute.  So, the doctor said everything looked on schedule, but they still want to keep an eye on me, but I think we should be able to hold off until the halfway ultrasound unless something pops up between then.  Regrets, we never asked for pictures of the sonogram, but we were there so you'll have to trust us.  The 3-D ultrasounds creep me out and, at this stage, skew the images anyway.  Still, it was unique to see.

My dad picked up Little Miss from school so she could get ready for trick or treating, and we met them out at my parents' place after the doctor.  We took her aside by herself and broke the news.  There was a mini temper trantrum before she left the room without speaking to us.  We then told my parents who kind of figured it out after Little Miss's reaction.  Nephew was very excited though.  Husband called his parents and brother. 

By the end of the evening, Little Miss had accepted the situation.  By this morning, I'd say she is pleased but maybe not excited.  She is holding all her hope on getting a girl cousin, but I think she'll later appreciate being the only girl in the immediate family.  She did approve the name so that helped smooth things over.  Nephew has requested we name the baby Robert Griffin III after the Redskins quarterback.  We are not.

If you're going to deliver unexpected news to a child, you should always do it a half hour before she goes door-to-door begging for candy.  It helps ease the pain.

Week 13

You can read more, here, but it says the baby is about the size of a peach (though another website said peapod), just shy of 3" long. My stomach has a tiny bump. I'm in the in between clothes where I'm good if it's elastic, but nothing fits properly. I just hate everything, and everything hates me. Fatigue is going away though it's hard to tell with me. I'm always tired. 

We've only just entered the second trimester depending on what measurement you're using, but it's going to go by like a blur as this time of year always does.  By the time the dust settles, we'll be close to the third trimester in February which is kind of terrifying. I know everything will fall into place, but it just seems like we're all like "we've done this before" and "we have plenty of stuff saved from the first time", but the things we're not thinking of will get us, I'm sure. Still, those worries are for another time and place. Not today. *g*