Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random Tidbits

  1. Little Miss threw a tantrum on Tuesday because I wouldn't let her finish all of her homework for the week.  I'm the meanest mom ever.  This was also due in part because she was unhappy with how the finished product kept coming out.  Our solution was that she do Tuesday's homework and the rest on Wednesday.  We worked through the challenge of drawing a perfect dog and drew a snake instead. 
  2. Little Miss loves homework.  It's ridiculous.  She is aware that she's only in kindergarten which is why she enjoys it and that she probably won't in a couple of years.  Still, even on the weekend, she'll take quizzes on the little tablet she got for her birthday last year.  For fun.  Seriously, she takes quizzes for fun. 
  3. I'm at the awkward stage where prepregnancy clothes are too tight (my shirt on Monday was working extra hard), but maternity clothes are too big.  However, I've somewhat passed the point where I just looked like I gained 5 pounds from a big lunch which is good.  I'm lucky in that this is when, belly aside, I'm my leanest.  All my weight goes to the belly and the rest kind of migrates there.  That said, it all shifts back after I stop breastfeeding (unless I do something drastic like exercise).
  4. I had forgotten the growing pains of pregnancy.  I remembered the sickness and the congestion (though glad I never got the bloody noses this time around), but I forgot the growing belly pains.  Ouch. 
  5. I feel bad that our Christmas tree farm is closed, but it used to take us the entire day to drive out there, pick a tree and drive back to set it up.  We found a place that is much closer and still a little privately-owned place.  It should take us maybe an hour to do.  I'm looking forward to relaxing the day after Thanksgiving now.  What we save in gas is used in buying a mini pointsettia for Little Miss though.  They're so cute (as is she), and it's hard to resist when she asks for something so little.  Some days I feel like we just say no to her all the time.  I mean, I packed her snack for school (Wheat Thins), and she thanked me like I'd given her a giant cupcake.  Gratitude is nice, but I don't feel like Wheat Thins are worth a hug and declaration that I'm the best mom ever.  It's nice she thinks so if only for the moment.

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