Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update - Where Did It Go?

I suppose, in all honest, many are still on their weekend.  I am working this Veterans' Day though.

I had good intentions (ok, some intention) to clean this past weekend.  We watched a little tv on Friday instead.  Then, we just got busy and lazy.  I should amend that to say I got busy and lazy because Little Miss actually did a fantastic job cleaning her room. 

On Saturday, I met college friends and their children for brunch.  It was great catching up.  I don't think I've seen them in about 10 years.  After, I went home to take a quick nap to try to rid myself of a headache before going to a six-year-old's birthday party.  I think it was kind of pointless, but I can't imagine what the headache would have been like if I hadn't rested first.  So, when I got home, I rested some more to completely rid myself of it.

On Sunday, we got up to get Christmas portraits done with Nephew.  Before we left, Little Miss and I spent time together in the morning where she spent the time reading her school paperwork and asked for an impromtu lesson on the difference between commas and "capostrophes".  So, we had a little schooling.  She then went to finish all her school work she didn't have time to finish throughout the week because she wasn't assigned any weekend homework to do.  Seriously, who does this?

Getting dressed, I noticed that I bought Little Miss's dress a size too small by accident.  After calling the store, I was told that I would have to send it back to get a refund (minus shipping costs), but I decided to take it to the mall just in case.  I was going to be there anyway.  To skip ahead, Gap Kids did give me a refund with no question at all.  So, thumbs up Gap Kids.  Also, thumbs up for having a bathroom in your store.  It was a lifesaver.  Anyway, the portraits came out well, I thought.  After, we did lunch at The Cheesecake Factory which is never a bad idea.  Then, we said farewell to Sister and Nephew while we walked around. 

While at the mall, we saw that the Santa display was up.  I told Little Miss we could walk around, but we weren't doing Santa that day.  Even though she looks like a big girl, she really wanted to see Santa.  The display made it appear like it snowed inside, and she had a blast just walking around.  I promised her we'd see Santa closer to Christmas.

I also promised my free monthly chocolate from Godiva to Little Miss.  She talked me into a chocolate turkey for $6.95.  However, when we checked out, the woman said if I spent $10, I'd get $10 off.  So, we picked up a second chocolate turkey and our entire receipt was $3 and change.  So, I had to buy more to pay less.  Good day indeed.

Last night, Little Miss spent the night at the In-Laws' apartment so I took that opportunity to go to bed early.