Friday, June 18, 2010


Now, the song is kind of annoying, but it's darned catchy. I'll sing it in the car, sometimes even with the windows rolled down (ok, at that point, I'll car dance, but I won't sing). However, it bugs me that the lyric is: You and me could write write a bad romance. It's not like the "you and me" has to rhyme with anything. It should be "You and I could write a bad romance." Anyway, it's been bugging me. I thought it should bug you, too. Below, if you haven't heard the song, is the Glee version because that's the version I listened to in the car. I linked Lady Gaga's version below that.

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Shannon said...

I hadn't thought about that, but then, I've only heard the song maybe 4 times. I like the Glee cast version, but haven't gotten into Lady Gaga. Now, however, I'm always going to be thinking of this when I hear it!