Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update - Birthday #1

This is an old one so it may be short because my memory is a little fuzzy. I'm doing 3 Weekend Updates today.

The first weekend of June was the weekend closest to Husband's birthday. We had dinner with his family at
Vapiano and then went to his parents' house for ice cream cupcakes. The photo to the left is Little Miss with her aunt and uncle. She's being a total ham for the camera.

On Saturday, we babysat Nephew and then I met a friend for some book talk. It was a great day
despite the fact that Little Miss was very jealous of Nephew and didn't want to share any of her toys. She was very good in the bookstore and with meeting new people.

The next day we went to the pool where Little Miss took immediately to the water so we hope to spend more time at the pools this summer now that she can enjoy it.

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