Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update - Birthday #2

The second weekend in June was my birthday. Yes, it does irk me that I need to share my birthday month with Husband. I took the day off of work and spent the morning at Elizabeth Arden and then met my co-workers at Bertucci's for lunch. Then, I took a lovely nap before meeting friends at Bailey's. We had some drinks and dinner and then went to see The A-Team which had Bradley Cooper shirtless.

On Saturday, I'm not sure what we did. I thought we went to the pool again, but I can't remember the evening. I know I watched a DVD. I think the boy went to a work social event if I remember correctly.

On Sunday, I hosted book club and we had a mini baby shower for Sister-in-Law. We had enough food for probably double the amount of people. I'll post my recipes later perhaps, but I made French Toast casserole and chocolate cake. Others brought wine, mimosa ingredients, blueberry muffins, berries, quiche and cheese. So, a true feast. The photo on the left is Little Miss getting ready for the guests. She had to wear her rain boots. The photo on the right is Little Miss halfway through bookclub. It's a lot of work entertaining so many women! I know, she deserves a real pillow, but she likes the firm throw pillows so that's what she uses. Dora fades in and out of her favor, but she is in the rotation. Plus, because we have a lazy kid, she never climbs out of her crib so she's in the crib for a little longer until we can mentally accept the fact that she's a big girl.

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