Thursday, June 24, 2010

Purple April - Part 2

I like purple. It's not a big secret. I always have. I can site a 15 year-old t-shirt, amethyst earrings from high school graduation, and countless other items in my wardrobe. I even dabbled with the idea of having purple as my wedding color, but I decided against it (bridesmaids, you can thank me now). Anyway, a couple of months ago, I posted this. Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law (and future Nephew) gave me this for my birthday which I wore yesterday. I also received these purple earrings from a friend which I wore on Tuesday (though they come out a little different online than in person - much prettier on my ears). Then, today, I wore this. In addition, I got a package today at work. I received the following items and can't wait to wear them (though not together - that's even too much for me). I bought the long t-shirt below (though have a similar scarf to the photo from the same store). I think it'll be a great layering piece and probably totally nicer on a super tall person but tall people can't have all the fun. I'm wearing it anyway.I also got these pants even though I'm not huge on capris. I do like wearing them around in the summer so it's kind of a love/hate relationship. Oh, and these capris are going to be a little longer than right below the knee on me which makes the length awkward, but they'll still be good at the beach or hanging around in the evenings during the summer. (Both pieces are from Esprit which sells a glorious shade of purple, but the website is kooky so nothing is linked. I try not to buy everything purple there, but it's such a perfect color. The store is a little pricier than I usually shop, but the sales are good and the website has some sales and cheap shipping which I just discovered and could be dangerous for me.) PURPLE RULES!

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ktNcompany said...

you're funny. but i get like that with color, too. mine is orange (yeah, i know...) and i had taken a hiatus for a bit, but have come back around. it's just fun.