Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm an idiot!

Today, I walked to the mall (yes, three mall visits in three days) with Baby. It is a beautiful day out. We made some stops and ran some errands. When I got to CVS, they asked for my CVS Card, and I couldn't find it. It's not a big deal except my housekeys are attached to it. So, I wondered where my keys were! I checked through everything, and they were nowhere. I went back to the apartment. I can get a spare set in the short term. I pick up my package at the front desk and see my keys sitting there! I tell the attendant, "Um, those are mine!" So, he starts chatting that he knew that. I didn't think my name or apartment were on my keys, but I may have left them in my mailbox. So, someone turned them in, and he knew Husband and worried that Baby may have been in trouble, but it's more that I was an idiot. The desk attendant was so nice. He remembered seeing Husband leaving to go golfing this morning and remembers the day we took home Baby (we um left in such a hurry to the hospital that we forgot the car seat so we had to have the building let the inlaws in to get it). Anyway, he had labeled my keys in case someone else was manning the desk. He always asks how Baby is and always remembers her name (and Husband's name so I guess it's only my name that gets forgotten). He's really sweet and thank goodness for the kindness of strangers turning my keys in! Man, and they let me take a baby home from the hospital!

Sidenote: That's the expression we use whenever we do something completely idiotic. "They gave us a baby!"


Midas said...

There's just days like that. Note that I said days, because mine is never confined to a single day.

You're a brave, brave woman to go anywhere with a newborn.

When I had my first baby, I never went anywhere by myself with her until she's almost 6 months. I was chicken. Chicken Mommy.

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april said...

Really? We've been taking her everywhere since her first day home. We went grocery shopping hours after we came home from the hospital. We've been to the mall quite a few times (it's only 2 blocks away). She goes out on walks weekly. She loves it outside. She starts to laugh when the wind blows her hair.