Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Today, Baby slept almost all day long. Then, she woke up and was miserable! I don't think I've ever seen her so upset. You'd think she'd be happy after a long day of shopping. She does love the mall with all its sights and smells. She finally ate and now is playing with her playmat. She loves her toy. She gets so happy (and tuckered out).

Hopefully, the toy will help keep her active so she will tired enough to sleep well tonight. Otherwise, it will be a long night. Good thing she is the type of baby to sleep late in the morning if she's up late the night before. She's never been a bad sleeper through the night, but I don't want tonight to be the first!

Lately, Baby has been going to bed early. Why is she so tired, you ask? Well, every morning around 7:00AM, her motion alarm goes off. For those who haven't heard of the technology, there is this pad that goes under the mattress and it is so sensitive to movement, it senses when Baby breathes. If Baby stops breathing, the alarm sounds. Husband was very nervous about having a baby and all the possible dangers so the monitor is more to make him feel more at ease than it is to be on the look out. Anyway, the last two days in a row, the monitor has sounded at the same time. Husband has been crazy! Basically, Baby rolls off the mattress so the sensor doesn't pick her breathing or weight any longer. It will probably happen more now that she is more mobile in her crib. I suppose this falls under better safe than sorry.

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