Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bowling Night with the Boys

Before Baby, I was on a bowling league. I'm not a good bowler, but it was fun. Basically, it's a team of three guys and me. Our team name is Nice Balls! even though one of the team members suggested a change pointing out that I do not have any. Like I said, I'm on a team with 3 guys. I sat out the last season to stay away from the smoke, not to mention avoiding lifting a 10 pound bowling ball. However, I did say I would eventually come back. They got a replacement (one who actually can bowl).

Imagine my surprise when the boys didn't forget me and invited me back on the team! The team leader said I got first right of refusal before he asked anybody else. It's not that I'm a good bowler, but I'm dependable. I show up every week and, if I don't, I give a lot of warning to find a replacement. I even went the night I heard Baby's heartbeat (even though I got the worst Evening Sickness imaginable). Still, the boys make me feel really girly and spoil me by paying for my chicken fingers. They only mildly tease me about my Eeyore bowling ball and purple bag, too.


Unknown said...

Aw, I love it when boys want girls in on the fun! You make me almost want to take up bowling. Almost. *g*

Teble said...

Before we had kids we were part of four couples (and the various single people we roped into it) who would go bowling every Friday night until we shut the place down at two in the morning. Sigh. Good times. Now I'm old. But I too have my very own purple bowling ball and shoes. I'd kill for an Eeyore ball.

Kelli Carter said...

the fact that you bowl, still bowls me over!!! But at least you are being treated like the princess you are. LOL Muah... you would not catch me NEAR bowling shoes EV.ER.