Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who needs sleep?

See that picture to the left? I have to look at it every so often to remind myself what Baby sleeping looks like because she has decided not to sleep. From her first week, she's slept the majority of the night. She's taken to sleeping 8 hours within the last month. However, once a week, she just wakes up every couple of hours. On top of that, she's become a picky eater. Keep in mind, Baby only gets a couple of things on her menu. She gets breastmilk and formula as a general rule, but when her digestive system is a little slow, she gets a little bit of apple juice, too. Every so often, she refuses to eat formula and spits it as far as it will go. Then, she'll cry because she's hungry. Well, stop spitting your food out! I mean, really. I'm going to have to stop telling people how smart she is if she can't figure out food in her mouth is for swallowing. Unfortunately, when she doesn't sleep, neither do we. I mean, Husband. He gets up with Baby while I sleep. Still, I have sympathy sleepiness for him.

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