Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Concert Pet Peeves

I was listening to Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan, and I realized I have a couple of concert pet peeves.

In a lot of ways, people are lemmings when it comes to concerts. We all pile into an area for an intimate night with one of our favorite artists. Well, you know, it would be intimate if it wasn't for the thousands of other people. When the artist mentions where we live ("Hello, Detroit!"), we all scream as if to say, "I'm so glad you know geography! Yay, if it's Tuesday, it must be Detroit!" When the artist on stage swings his arms from side to side, waving them, we follow suit and wave our arms like we just don't care. Then, the most ridiculous thing is the sing along. We pay at least $50 to see our favorite artist and end up singing half the songs. The artist, who now has time to take a drink, go to the bathroom, entertain that cutie in the front row, sits back then says "great singing, everyone!" at which we all scream even though we did all the work!

Don't even get me started on how much concerts and their corresponding merchandise cost...


MrsErinS said...

Can I add one?

overhearing this conversation at a concert:

drunk teenage girl #1: I'm so wasted, i'm gonna throw up!

drunk teenage girl #2: just need some BREAD

Me: (talking to myself) yes, bread will do it. Thats a brilliant, well tested idea. i'll see you passed out on the lawn in a few ladies...

Anonymous said...

LMAO. The concerts I go to don't have much singing along. Or, the sound in the arena is such that I don't hear the other lame people singing. But I get it.

Say, have you checked out Kristin Hannah's new website. The woman's got a blog! LOL. It's a gorgeous site. I can't wait for February 5th.