Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Someday, My Prince Will Come...

This is actually inspired by the book, Someday My Prince Will Come: True Adventures of a Wannabe Princess. You have to admit that it's a great title. Far be it from me to say there is something wrong with wanting to be a princess or wanting your own prince. However, this is a big pet peeve of mine. Warning: I've always said they may take away my girl card for admitting this, but I never liked the movie, Cinderella. My big pet peeve is waiting for a prince.

Here's the deal, wanting and getting a prince is great. Seriously. A prince of a guy or, if you can get it, a real prince is hard to find. I'm sure it's a lot harder to get if you sit on your pre-princess bottom waiting for one to show up. I always liked it when characters or people find each other.

Further rant: I mean, really, if Cinderella was going to clean a house, why not clean the house of someone who will pay you? I realize it was a zillion years ago and there weren't like child labor laws and you were allowed to beat your kids (let alone what you were allowed to do to stepchildren), but come on! Things can't be working out if you're talking to the animals and your best friends are mice. You'd think if the fairy godmother was looking out for her, she'd be able to bag a prince much easier or even show up earlier... you know, before those poor mice worked their fingers to the bone on a dress that was just ruined. End of rant.


Unknown said...

I think this is why I like the Ever After version of Cinderella the best. Strong heroine, explanation for why she let's herself be abused, and justice when she and her prince find each other. And the fact that the prince is someone who has some growing to do as well. In some ways, Danielle was more mature and wise than her prince. But then again, aren't all women? LOL

Anonymous said...

As you will see in my book, the heroine learns that happily ever after doesn't happen the second you find yourself a prince or palace - happily ever after is something you have to create every day, every moment - for yourself.
Royally yours,
Miss J Fine


Anonymous said...

oops! didn't mean to be anonymous! :)