Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If Life is a Highway...

If life is a highway, what does it mean when you are responsible for injuring an animal?
Today, while driving to work, I may have been responsible for, at the very least, injuring a bird. It is possible that it was a fatal injury, but I was unable to follow the bird. It was, you could say, a hit and run.

Now, before you judge, here is how is happened. I'm sure the bird has a different point of view, but he can start his own blog if he wants the word out. You know how sometimes birds show exactly how small their brains are and either walk into the street or fly really low? I always ask myself why they walk into the street or fly really low when they can fly high ABOVE the cars. This suicidal bird comes out of nowhere and flies right under my car. It was as if his bird friends were on the side of the highway egging him on. "Bet you can't fly in front of that green Taurus Camry and not be part of the grill!" they would have said. "Bet I can," that stupid bird replied. So, the daredevil bird flew out in front of my car. Usually, birds make it. This time, I distinctly heard the bird get clipped with some part of my car. I saw him fly away so I know he didn't die on impact, but I wonder if his he is nursing a broken bone or met his death when he couldn't fly very far and landed on the third rail of the Metro or became a victim of another automobile further down the road.

Regardless, it was a sad way to start the morning. On the other hand, it would have been more disastrous to swerve out of the way and cause an accident resulting in a major traffic delay on an already busy highway where road rage runs rampant. I'd rather have a bird family out for vengeance against me than all of Northern Virginia drivers.

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