Friday, January 25, 2008

Make Yourself at Home

I use this term a lot. "Make yourself at home!" I say to guests. I do mean it when I say it. I do. Then, occasionally, there are guests that just literally make themselves at home. They touch my stuff, go in the fridge, take over the tv, and just move stuff around. I want to say, "stop touching my stuff!" but I kind of already said to make themselves at home. So, I bite my tongue.

There are a few exceptions. One is when someone just lets me know that they're going to be invading my boundaries. For example, someone will ask if they can grab a soda. I'll always say yes. Another is when someone is spending more than one day with me. If someone is staying with me, I do want them to be at home. Plus, I don't want to be waiting hand and foot on anybody. Truthfully, it's more the latter than the former. If someone wakes up before I do (which is more than possible), I want them to grab a bowl of cereal because, if they wait for me it'll be lunch time.

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Unknown said...

Speaking as someone who has made herself at home at your house, you are a wonderful hostess.

As a guest, I try to not to be waited on and I also try to be respectful of boundaries. It's a fine line to walk, so it's good to ask questions rather than just "do" things. "Is it okay if I..." That sort of thing. :)