Friday, January 18, 2008

Handprint Hell

I have a special baby book and picture frame in which to showcase Baby's handprint and footprint. Now, disregard the fact that her hands and feet are much bigger than they were at birth. We're just getting around to doing creating this little memento. I have a couple of requirements. I wanted Baby to be relaxed and/or asleep, and I wanted to wait until bath night so she'd be cleaned up afterwards. So, that night was tonight... or so I thought.

So, tonight, Baby fell asleep. I took out all the frame and the baby book and paint. She woke up and started squirming. Of course, this is after I had paint all over her hands and all over my hands. At this point, I don't know how I'm going to hold the baby book in place to imprint her hand while both of our hands are covered in paint. Husband is no help as he's watching tv. Also, keep in mind that we don't have any handprints or footprints of Baby because someone forgot to request the hospital to do so. I may have remembered if someone told me, but I was heavily drugged. You give a boy one freaking thing to do while you, say, give birth to his baby, and what does he do? FORGET! So, now, we're stuck capturing these little hands and feet ourselves... I mean, myself.

Anyway, I got one and a half handprints. We have a game plan though, and we'll try again. Husband has since agreed to help as I believe it will take two of us. At this point, by the time we do this, I could just get her to do the handprint and footprint as her gift to me when she graduates high school.

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Unknown said...


I'm sorry she woke up and it was such a hassle. and that someone forgot to request the hand and foot print from the hospital. *sigh* Boys.

Good luck! And may Baby stay calm and still for you.