Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Update - Playground

One of the days, we brought Little Miss to the playground. It looked nice from the road. There were tons of children running around. Little Miss loved climbing up the stairs and jungle gym portion and then sliding down the big slides. She would do that all day if you let her. The bigger the slide the better - except for the covered slides. She wouldn't go down that one at all. We thought she'd like the swings, but she doesn't. This isn't the first time we've put her in a swing. Every time, she just looks worried and asks to be taken out.

The playground was had a cushioned man-made material as the ground. It was soft to walk on,
but it was kind of prickly. Little Miss tripped and fell face first into it and all the pricklies made indents in her lip and scraped her little nose. She almost cried, but she was a trooper and just shook it off and went on her way. It was nice to see Little Miss have so much fun and get to run around and exert a lot of energy for a nap.

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Anonymous said...

All the pictures from your vacation were great, but this one of Little Miss on the slide is my favorite!