Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update - You Could Be Happy

On Friday, I met a friend in the city. We had dinner at Founding Farmers which was yummy. Then, we went to DAR Constitution Hall to see Snow Patrol with opening guest The Plain White T's. They were fantastic. When I got home, I discovered Little Miss spent the night with the In-Laws. So, on Saturday, Husband and I slept late before beginning our day of cleaning. I'm glad we decided to take 2 full weekends to clean.

We tackled Little Miss's room and the front hall closets. I packaged up all of Little Miss's old toys and outgrown clothes. I saved the kitchen, my books and my bathroom for during the week. Next weekend, we'll tackle the bedroom which scares me. We've obviously cleaned periodically, but we haven't really picked through and purged since before Little Miss was born.

So, on Sunday, I drove out to my parents' house to drop off some items to store as well as drop off many bags to donate.
Lupus Foundation picks up donated items. I'll be making a similar trip next weekend. While there, we took some newly-baked cookies. Sister and Nephew were there, and the kids enjoyed playing together. Little Miss gave the tricycle a shot. She's still little, but I think she liked the concept. Because Little Miss didn't nap all day and then played hard, she fell asleep as soon as she got into the car to head home. I carried her upstairs and she took a 2 hour nap (as did I). After, she ate dinner and played some more. Then, she went to bed.

We were about to eat dinner when Husband looked at the video monitor and said, "uh oh". That's never good. Because we cleaned, all Little Miss's clothes were put away so her basket was where it normally is (near her crib) and filled with dirty clothes versus having her dirty clothes just on the floor in a pile. It's our fault really. We knew this is what she does when the clothes pile gets too big. The photo on the right will show what we discovered. We cleaned the crib out, moved the laundry basket and tried bedtime all over again.

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