Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Update - Family

It was a family vacation last week. It was nice for Husband, Little Miss and I to have time together, but it was extra special to have Husband's family there as well.
Little Miss had a blast being spoiled by her uncle and aunt. She's always been happy with her aunt, but she was wary in the beginning with her uncle. During the last month, however, she's spent a lot of time with both of them and goes to both easily. On the boardwalk, she led her uncle all over the place. They watched the Go-Karts and ran all over. She also shared her uncle's ice cream and definitely stuck to him like glue (until the ice cream was gone at least). She also learned, during the course of the trip, to say her uncle and aunt's names which was a big victory. She was very pleased with herself (but not as pleased as her uncle and aunt were with her).Of course, Little Miss also loves her grandparents. She calls them "A-Pa" and "A-Ma". It'll be interesting to see if she has nicknames for them or this is just a phase. She led her grandparents all over (which helped because I think all three of them slept well during the trip). Because Mother-in-Law watches Little Miss during the day while we work, Little Miss is super comfortable with her (though she is very good with all of the members of the family at this point which is nice). She had a great time playing in the sand and trying new foods and, all in all, being a big girl.
The last photo is the whole family on the Boardwalk. Little Miss was moments away from napping so she's a little dazed and confused, but she was very patient with all the photos.

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