Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Update - Beach

The weather was pretty overcast most of the week though we had beautiful weather the first day and the last day. The winds, at one point, neared 20 mph. Still, you do what you have to do. We managed to have fun anyway. Little Miss enjoyed the beach the first day. We were all so proud when she walked in the sand (last year, there was no touching the sand). She ran into the ocean and got right back up when the waves knocked her down. The photo to the left is Little Miss trying to remain standing while a wave came crashing into her. Most of the confrontations with waves were lost unfortunately, but she'd wipe her face and get up again.

The second day, she wouldn't go near the water and that continued until the last day when it was
too hot not to go into the ocean. As I stated before, Little Miss wouldn't play with her beach toys (except the brief trip to fill up her bucket on the first day). However, on Friday, Grandpa showed her how to dig in the sand and invert a cup of sand to create a tower. So, on our last day at the beach, she did play a bit in the sand and water with her toys. On both days, she loved going deep into the water with Husband holding her. She kept wanting to go further and further out. The photo the right is Little Miss with her watering can owning the beach.

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