Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Update - Lazy Weekend

It was a busy weekend of nothing. Let's see. On Friday, I don't think we did anything. I was really tired. Little Miss had trouble staying in bed. Then, on Saturday, Husband woke up with her before he went golfing. He did leave for golf early so I still had to wake up earlier than I would have liked. Little Miss and I shared a scrambled egg with cheese. Then, she took an extremely brief nap before we went out. We went to Panera and shared the Asian Chicken Salad. She had a little bit of my Baked Potato soup and a fruit cup. Then, we walked around for a little bit. The highlight of the trip, for her, was going to Payless. As soon as we walked in, she took off her sandals and lifted her feet so I could put on as many pairs of shoes as possible. She chose a favorite, and I purchased them. She asked to put them on before we left the store. So, I had the salesclerk clip the tags and the shoes haven't left her feet since. She even wears them during naps. The girl loves shoes. On the way home, we walked by some nearby condos where there is a fountain. The fountain varies so the spray changes every so often. You can also run through it. Some kids were soaking wet, but I knew Little Miss would just get close enough that she wouldn't get wet. Saturday was another rough night. At one point, we were sleeping on the couch. Plus, for some reason, she looked like such a big girl on Saturday. Both photos from this post were from that afternoon.

On Sunday, Husband woke up with Little Miss and I got to sleep blissfully late and then watch
Supernatural in relative peace and quiet. It was nice. Sunday afternoon, Little Miss and I had to run another errand, but we mostly hung out at home. Then, my parents came over for dinner. Little Miss put on a big shy act, but she was performing by the end of the night and ate like a big girl at dinner. She fed herself very well and had good table manners (excluding the hugging and kissing of the grated cheese container). Sometimes, she's not very patient at the table, but she was good especially with an audience. Bedtime went well last night and she slept beautifully and late. I'll take the Friday and Saturday spotty sleeping if it means she sleeps on work nights.

Last but by no means least, on Sunday, a group of friends and I received news that we lost one of the members of our online community to breast cancer. I feel fortunate to have met her in person and gotten to know her while she lived in this area. She touched us all in some way and will be missed. Because these things come in threes traditionally, I'm living with a slight sense of dread as she was the second of my friends in as many weeks to lose a battle to cancer.

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