Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Update - Football Sunday

Sorry this is late. I had to have the time to write this and have the camera cable to upload photos, and those two things never happened at the same time. Last Friday, the In-Laws, Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Husband, Little Miss and I got together for dinner for Brother-in-Law's birthday. We went to Hana Tokyo. Little Miss (and Husband actually) had the first experience with hibachi. She was mesmerized but didn't care for the shock of the fire. She wouldn't eat anything while at the restaurant, but she enjoyed the leftovers for days. I've never seen her eat dinner with that much enthusiasm except for her favorite pasta dishes. She even ate the mushrooms and zucchini and bean sprouts. I didn't give her the onion but only because I didn't want a smelly Little Miss. She probably would have eaten it.

On Saturday, she was home with Husband as I went out with friends for book club.

On Sunday, Sister and Nephew came over for football snacks and, as soon as Husband's team started its game, we all were ushered
out of the apartment. Sister, the kids and I went to a big playground nearby. The kids had a lot of fun. Little Miss declined a nap so she was exhausted and, towards the end, super cranky. We only stayed maybe an hour. Then, on the way back, both kids fell asleep. I took Little Miss home and she slept for 2 more hours. She woke up, ate dinner, and pretty much went back to sleep. Maybe I should go to the playground more often with her!

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Brandi said...

I'm eating leftover hibachi right now (scallops, zucchini and onions), and it's even better than it was last night. Little Miss has good taste.