Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Update - Too Many Cooks? Nope, the Perfect Amount!

Last Friday, Brother- and Sister-in-Law came over super early so we could all make loads of Polish food. There was pierogi (see above photo), nut bread, babka, and chrusciki (see below photo). For this, there are many spellings, but this is the only spelling I found online.

It took awhile to make fillings, make dough, wait for the dough to rise, and assemble it all. Everyone had a big role. I can't say I did as much or I didn't feel like I did as much. I did go to the store for forgotten items and bought lunch. Brother- and Sister-in-Law picked up a pizza for dinner. All of us pretty much took turns entertaining (or being entertained by) Little Miss. It was a nice first-time tradition. It's always interesting getting family together for long periods of time, but I think we did well. Next year, there's already a plan to make things go smoother.

Little Miss hasn't tried everything yet, but she has liked what we've given her so far. She'll have pierogi tonight so we'll see how that goes over. Seeing as how she enjoys pasta and potatoes, she may like it, but it'll all depend on her mood. I suppose with all the Polish food, I should do my part and make the one Korean dish I know or (*gasp*) learn more.

The rest of the weekend isn't really worth mentioning as I spent it sleeping in bed or on the couch with a cold. Husband was great watching over Little Miss. The cabin fever gets to her so she was a handful. Still, just when she's working your last nerve, she'll look up at you and give you a kiss and hug so it's hard to stay frustrated with her for long.


Brandi said...

I made bulgogi once, but I think I did something wrong. It was awful.

One of my friends here is from Poland. She makes pierogies to die for.

MrsErinS said...

mmmm pierogi :) I love having a freezer full of pierogi! and i'm eating nut bread right now...

how did Laura like everything?

princessapr said...

Laura has liked the babka. She can't have nuts yet and, seeing as I'm allergic to walnuts, we'll watch her. She loved everything though she didn't eat too many pierogi. She decided to be cranky last night instead of eat. :)