Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes

So, I'm watching the Golden Globes. It's always good fun to kick off the awards' season. I don't watch as many as I used to, but when I do watch a show, I sit for hours with Red Carpet coverage, the awards and the post-show. It's insane. Usually, for the Oscars, Husband will make us a special dinner. More on that when the awards draw near.

Anyway, I'm watching the Golden Globes. I stopped feeding Little Miss to catch a glimpse of
Simon Baker. I also got to thinking that, if I was a teenage girl, I'd totally have Zac Efron's photo up on my bedroom wall. I always thought he looked young (because he is), but he's growing up to have potential. Sadly, I haven't seen many nominated films, but maybe this ceremony will give me an idea of which I need to see by the Academy Awards. I wonder which celebrity will drink too much and embarrass him or herself...

Sidenote: if the Red Carpet coverage continues to have advertisements for Grey Goose, I'm going to have to get some. It just so happens that I have a bottle in the kitchen. Plus, at this rate, Little Miss will be in bed in about a half hour. She's been running around in a circle (though the kitchen and living room) carrying around a plastic container.

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