Monday, January 12, 2009

Know Any Single Guys?

According to this article, a 107-year-old woman is seeking her first husband so she does not become a burden to her children. It looks like the local officials are helping her search. I love the fact that she didn't want to marry (for good reason!) and moved to the country to become a farmer until she was 74. How awesome is that for a woman in China? Or a woman anywhere? She must be special. I wish her well on her search.

As a sidenote, the wedding cake topper is a double happiness symbol (so says Google - for all I know, it's a big middle finger to wedding guests which is why I have no Asian symbol tattooed on my body - I don't want to be some tattoo artist's practical joke.) Hm... is that a sidenote to my sidenote?


Brandi said...

My Grandfather,s single, but he hates Chinese food, so it's probably a no go. :)

Also, I have a wrap dress that's the exact same pattern as your background.

Brandi said...

Why oh why can't we edit comments? Really, I know the difference between an apostrophe and a comma.