Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Update - Still No Winter Wonderland

This past weekend, I took a half day from work to drive with Sister and Nephew to my parents' vacation house in Maryland. The plan was to see Nephew ski some more and take Little Miss sledding, but once again, it rained. So, we played indoors. It was fun, as always. Little Miss and Nephew are always entertaining to watch. They do love each other, but they're clearly on different levels so, because of that, they get on each other's nerves a little, too.

It was a quiet weekend, but Little Miss loves to spend time with the relatives. She loves the extra attention and amusing the masses. Because Christmas few by so quickly and Mom didn't get her annual pics of the kids at the tree, we put the kids in front of the tree this weekend. Little Miss hates wearing dresses because they make crawling difficult, but she looked too cute not to put her in a dress. Also, her hair is crazy long right now, but we just haven't cut it yet. She'll be a little girl as soon as we do that and not our little baby.

There's still next month, when we visit Maryland again, for us to get Little Miss out in the snow.

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