Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mission, and I Choose to Accept It...

I told Husband last night that I will make sure everyone watches Friday Night Lights this weekend even if it takes me going to everybody's houses and duct taping them to chairs and propping eyelids open with toothpicks. Seriously, I said this. I totally would mean it, too, if I wasn't also extremely lazy. So, I will have to keep up the blog. For those who have no intention of watching the show, don't tell me. Also, the blogging will stop (for the most part) by Friday though I can't promise it will stop forever.

Anyway, today just one post on the positive aspects of the show before I move onto the summary tomorrow.
There is something for everybody on this show. There is football for boys. I mean, talk about wide receivers and quarterbacks and passing and sprinting and practice and blah blah blah. There are the politics of local sports with the boosters and rally girls. I had never heard of either really. Boosters provide money. Rally girls provide, and I paraphrase, anything the players require to play a good game on Friday nights - be that homework or a girl in a bikini in the hot tub or a cake.
There are cheerleaders for the boys though this photo is misleading because
Minka Kelly as Lyla Garrity doesn't wear her cheerleading uniform any longer. I'd have to say honestly that there was more in the way of eye candy in the first two seasons than in this season. This season is very plot-oriented and moves quickly because of the shortened season. Still, the cast isn't hard on the eyes.

Now, onto what's in it for the ladies... well, it is a show about guys, and it's got a lot of heart. I mean, trust me, I am the last person to watch a show about football of all things. I do my best to avoid all things football. The relationships between married couples, family members, and friends are so strong. Because many of the actors aren't well-known, they become the characters they play with an authenticity most shows don't have. Plus, though I am a big fan of
Kyle Chandler, many enjoy Taylor Kitsch who was featured in Sexy Friday last week. The below photo is the best of both worlds. It's from Season 1.
In the beginning of this season, you'll also want to pay attention to
Smash and his storyline. He and Mama Smash rock their roles. It's the strongest arc of the season and if you don't cry, I say you're heartless and have no humanity.

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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that I want to watch this show now more than ever.

I've always thought I had a soul, hopefully I'll find that to be true...

- Tonya