Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Tour - New York, New York

On Monday, we drove into the city. We had a quick lunch at TGIFriday's and prepared for playing tourist. The lunch was a little crazy and, if we had planned better, we wouldn't have had a big lunch or eaten at Friday's, but we were hungry and it was there. We went to Rockefeller Center, saw the tree, the skaters, and store fronts. It's always nice to be in the city around the holidays. You see such friendly people taking a photo for you so you can get the entire family into the frame. You see people almost getting into a fist fight. Seriously. Two women started swinging until they were separated. Husband and I had a grand chuckle over that.

After seeing the tree and taking a zillion pictures, we walked across the street to
St. Patrick's Cathedral. I took many photos of Husband and Little Miss throughout. At one point, in front of the Nativity, a nun was holding Baby Jesus and let Little Miss give Baby Jesus a kiss. We took a picture and wished her a Merry Christmas. Husband lit a candle and we went back out into the city.

We found a great little pizza place for dinner. Little Miss slept but she woke up to have a little bit to eat. It was a nice quiet place which was good because we got to spread out and Little Miss got to sleep.

After, we walked to
Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Rangers defeat the New York Islanders. Little Miss was excellent during her first hockey game. She didn't pay much attention to the hockey, but she flirted with all the men in our section and made friends with the women. She slept through 3 of the goals and even the noise didn't wake her, but the goal to tie the game woke her. The crowd went wild. She was so good. We bought her a Little Princess New York Rangers hat (which she won't wear) and also, while in the city, we bought her a New York Mets jersey and keychain (and perhaps a sparkly New York Mets purse for me). So, she's good for the next two sports seasons. No football because the football season is over for the New York Jets and it's a little too early for Husband to be thinking of next year with this year's disappointment still hanging over him like a big, black cloud.

It was a great trip to New York City and we're so glad we got to travel. On our last day, we stopped into Husband's favorite restaurant for lunch and then to the gravesite of his grandmother. Little Miss was very good at both the restaurant and at the cemetary. It was very cold that day, but she hung in there with both of us.

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