Sunday, January 11, 2009

Did I mention Friday Night Lights premieres this week?

Seriously, this is my blog. If you have no interest in Friday Night Lights, this is not the week to read my blog. If you haven't heard, the show both concludes on DirecTV and premieres on NBC this week. Check this previous post if you are interested in cramming in 2 seasons worth of viewing or learning more about the show. Or, if I have enough time this week, my goal is to post enough about the show that you'll know everything about it by Friday night.

I originally started watching the show for
Kyle Chandler. I've followed his career for quite some time. To say how long would date both of us. He plays the role so well in this show. Though the show is about high school football, my favorite scenes are the ones when he's with his family. He always has his angry face on when he's coaching football.

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