Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Tour - New Jersey

On Saturday, we drove from Maryland to New Jersey with the hopes to arrive around dinner time. We were going to check into our hotel room and then head to Husband's best friend's house. Then, we hit some rain and had to make a few stops and that put us a little behind schedule. So, by the time we arrived in New Jersey, Little Miss just melted down. So, we just went straight to our friends' house and tried to get Little Miss some food as soon as possible. It worked out well. We ate dinner and hung out all evening.

The next day, we went over again. The boys watched football and Little Miss played with her new friend.
She tried everything to get his attention. She tugged and pulled and kissed. Finally, later, they did play together, but older kids always find younger kids a bit of a nuisance. Little Miss was great. At nap time, she'd sleep on the sofa. At meal time, she ate. Now that there are kids, we hope we are able to spend more time with friends so that our children can grow up together as Husband and his best friend did.

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