Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Tour - No Winter Wonderland

Both Husband and my office were closed on Christmas Eve. This was unexpected for me, but it was nice to have the day off. So, we got ready to go the night before and had plans to head out to Maryland as soon as possible on Wednesday. However, Little Miss had other plans. She woke up a handful of times during the night perhaps with Christmas excitement. So, we got off to a later start than we had hoped. Little Miss was great in the car.

As soon as we got to Maryland, Little Miss was very excited to see her cousin and vice versa. The rest of the family was excited to see her as well. Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins hadn't seen her since
November. Since then, she grew teeth and can walk!

Later, Christmas Eve night, we went to church. Everyone was so nice to us. Everyone said how beautiful the children were. Sister didn't go so everyone assumed Nephew and Little Miss were ours. We took full credit. Then, we all ate too much for dinner.

On Christmas, we dove into a sea of presents. Everyone was very generous and Little Miss made out like a bandit! We even had time to play with some of them. We ate too much again. We also dressed Little Miss up as Santa. She seemed to tolerate it. I definitely think she loved all the added attention. She went to everyone easily even though she's wary around anyone other than the two of us. I'm glad to see her reaching for others in the family though.

The day after Christmas, everyone went
skiing/snowboarding. We bundled up Little Miss to go meet them at the mountain. She saw snow last year, but she was an infant so she doesn't really remember. Unfortunately, during our Christmas holiday, it was either raining or unseasonably warm so she didn't see much snow. Either way, she got into her snowsuit. I think she was a little confused, but she was glad to see everybody. We're going up a couple more times this year so maybe she'll see more snow during those trips. At the resort, we got there just in time to take some photos and eat lunch.

We did get to see Nephew ski, and he's a rockstar on the mountain. He just learned to ski a trip or two ago and now he can go down the big mountain and use the chairlift (with help). He's awesome! Pretty soon, that'll be Little Miss.

After lunch, I have to admit we went back to the house to make dinner. As with most
holidays, it was one of food. Both kids crashed as soon as they hit the car. Little Miss woke up first and squealed with delight when Nephew woke from his nap.

Throughout the trip, we also went into the hot tub and watched
The Forbidden Kingdom. Plus, while looking into the movie, I found out that Michael Angarano is dating Kristen Stewart. I digress...

Anyway, Christmas was great. The Saturday after Christmas, we left to drive to New Jersey. Stay tuned.

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Stacy said...

Love the pics of her...the pigtails are adorable. I'm glad your travels were good...Little Miss seems like such a good baby.