Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekend Update - Road Trip

On Sunday, we drove up to Connecticut for Nana's funeral. It was Mom, Dad, Sister, Nephew, Little Miss and I in the minivan. We stopped three times for lunch, snack, and dinner. The kids were great. They (as well as we) got a little car-crazy by the end, but it was a nine and a half hour drive. Who can blame them?

Monday morning was the funeral. It was nice to see so many people who remembered Nana and who came in support of the family. It was also nice to be around family even if it was under these circumstances. Little Miss napped through most of the service and only woke before we drove to the cemetary because Dad and I were awkward in putting on her coat.

After the cemetary, we all ate too much and talked. Little Miss had fun with Nephew and Cousins. She liked the attention and all the new sights. We all went to bed early for our long car ride back on Tuesday.

We got an earlier start on Tuesday and only stopped once on the way back, but we hit bad rush hour traffic on the way back and were all happy to be home.

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Gabriela said...

My condolences to your family. Having family there helps. And I have to say, Little Miss looks awfully cute in the dress I bought her.

It sounds like the kids did great, i don't know if I cld handle it though.