Monday, November 24, 2008

Cranky Cranky Cranky

Trust me, the title was worth repeating three times. Little Miss wasn't feeling well yesterday and woke up a few times last night. She would only feel happy and safe if she slept on me. If I moved her off me, she'd wake up and crawl on me again. So, I started my day very tired. It's always a short jump from very tired to very cranky. Then, today at work, I'm getting everything I need wrong. It's making me more cranky because it's not like I have a deadline (or three) coming up soon. The short week is not helping either. You'd think the short week would be a good thing, but it basically makes me do 5 days worth of work in 3 days (or 2 and a half days if we get out early on Wednesday). So, if you see me today, steer clear!


Sanna said...

Cranky babies are always exhausting. Hope the princess is much better soon.

I've got an award for you on my blog!