Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Update - 1/2 Korean Weekend

On Friday, we went grocery shopping and then I pretty much went to bed with Little Miss. I meant to watch a little tv, but I fell asleep almost immediately. Because I went to bed very early, I woke up very early.

On Saturday, I didn't feel as bad so I met friends for
lunch and saw Role Models. It was a good, light afternoon movie. We got to catch up and then I went home to hang with Husband and Little Miss. Before Little Miss went to bed, we decided to dress her in her hanbok and do The Choosing Game. I couldn't verify the accuracy of the site, but it looks like the items are fairly traditional. We stuck to them. I only had an open box of white rice so I put a package of yellow rice, a scarf for thread, a pencil and a $1 bill.

The hanbok was a little big, but Little Miss was adorable. The shoes didn't fit, but the dress was so long that it didn't really matter. When the hanbok does fit, we plan on getting some more photos.

Anyway, as the game dictates, Little Miss was to choose one or more items to determine her future. Each item signifies something. She will have wealth and a studious or academic future based on her choices. We'll see, but both would be nice!

Sunday was football and many naps as I still try to shake this cold.


Unknown said...

Looks like the video isn't working here...I hope her future comes true!

And I adore her hanbok. Ava Soo's was so adorable on her. I can't wait to see more pictures of Little Miss in her hanbak

princessapr said...

I don't know if it is because I was editing it or if it was Blogger, but I deleted and added the video again. It works now. My voice is so annoying. :)

You'll see more photos in her hanbok. It's so big on her, but when it fits, I want some more and at least one where she's standing and one showing all the layers - there are bloomers, a slip, the dress, the jacket, socks, shoes, hat, and bag. It's quite elaborate.

MrsErinS said...

TOO adorable!

Sanna said...

That video is really cute. What a lovely little girl she is. You must be so proud.

Love and hugs, Sanna