Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Update - I am full of the Christmas Spirit! (Does sarcasm show?)

On Friday, we decided to just hang out at home and not do our weekly grocery shoppoing. Then, we had the genius idea to have leftovers so the extra time in our Friday night was decadent. I even started to tidy up the apartment since I knew that I would have a busy weekend.

On Saturday, Husband got the oil changed and went grocery shopping while Little Miss and I hung out at home. We received her
Nativity set, including The Little Drummer Boy and the Thanksgiving set. So, I've started decorating. Little Miss had has fun throwing all the Little People around. On Saturday night, a friend and I met at Ballston Mall. We ate at Chick-Fil-A which was yummy. Then, we walked around and shopped before a movie. I picked up, among other things, a penguin candle and soap dispenser. After shopping, we saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno which, if you're a Kevin Smith fan, was a pretty funny movie. I don't think it's my favorite of his, but it was a fun night out.

On Sunday, I woke up to head out to
Target and then to Fair Oaks Mall. I can't even list all the things I purchased, but I did need most of it - gifts, necessities for Thanksgiving, and a CD. I met the Parents and Nephew so we could take photos of the kids. The photos were really cute. The photo studio was backed up so there was a huge possibility that the kids were going to melt down, but they didn't. So, we got a couple cute shots. I didn't purchase many because I took the above photo last week. I stayed for dinner at the Parents' house and met up with Sister. Then, I head home, tried to tidy up some more to get ready for Thanksgiving, and went to bed early. Little Miss had absolutely no routine yesterday so she was a little off.

And so concluded the weekend and transitioned into a dreaded Monday...

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Shoshana said...

April, it's great to have your shopping done. I haven't done my family holidays pictures. I'm just feeling so lazy!