Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Update - It's Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas

On Wednesday, I mailed about 68 Christmas cards from work. Then, the weekend really started Wednesday at 1PM when I got early dismissal from work. I stayed a little later to finish up some little tasks I knew I didn't want to be waiting for me on Monday morning. Then, I head home. It was a rough night. Little Miss woke up every couple of hours so it was challenging. She slept in bed with us for a couple of hours. Then, Husband slept on the couch with her and then I took the last leg on the couch with her.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. The photo of her sleeping was the only photo I took that day. That was before the guests came and the only brief sleep she got all day. She did sleep very well Thanksgiving night and the next night. She was great on Thanksgiving despite no nap. She loved sweet potatoes and tried everything else.

Friday, we went for our Christmas tree. We went to breakfast at
IHOP. Little Miss had her weight in pancakes and French Toast. Then, we chose our tree. When we got home, Little Miss and I took an extremely long nap. Then, we woke up, ate dinner and pretty much went back to sleep. Before I went to bed, I also did 90% of our Christmas shopping, too. I found a couple of fantastic websites and did all my shopping for everyone but Nephew, Husband's godson, the inlaws and Husband.

On Saturday, it was Family Day or rather turned into Family Day. All three of us went to The Carter's Store, to Babies 'R' Us and Harris Teeter. On Saturday, we also knocked out Nephew's Christmas gift. Later, Saturday night, we watched Harold & Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay. It was silly fun like the first one.

That brings us to Sunday. Little Miss had another challenging night last night. Today, she had breakfast with Husband while I tried in vain to get some more shut eye. We did go to the
mall and picked up Inlaws' Christmas presents though. So, we only have one more to buy. Plus, I might have picked up a few things for myself. Typical football Sunday though. And onto another work week...


Sanna said...

I haven't shop ONE christmas present yet! Never been that late before. Plus, I don't have any ideas. Argh! You think I should get started? LOL

Stacy said...

I got your Christmas card...yours was the first I got. So, yay you! :)

I will probably get mine out after Christmas. I ordered them and they're *still* flying over here. So, by the time I get them and send them out and they fly over the pond again...well, maybe before Easter. ;)