Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Update - Magic Kingdom Video

Little Miss really was a trooper at the Magic Kingdom. It is the only park in which she did not nap. She just went hard and strong. While waiting the hour plus for the parade, the employees had many ways to entertain the crowd. One way was to provide hula hoops (see below). Others were to let the kids jump rope.
Before the parade, we bought Little Miss a bubble gun which was her prized possession. It also was a boy magnet (who knew?) She had a lot of fun with the kids nearby (English not a requirement) and that was a great time staller.
Little Miss LOVED the parade. She waved to everything and everyone like it was her job. Many waved back. After the parade, we went to meet up with the rest of the family before the fireworks. In the moments it took us to walk down Main Street, Little Miss conked out. She slept through the fireworks and the entire ride home though she did wake up at home to ask when the fireworks were.
It was a lot of fun, and Little Miss talks about the trip often or at least looks at the pictures and videos over and over.  Trust me when I tell you I only blogged a sampling.  There are many (many, many) more photos and video clips.  We were so proud of Little Miss and her behavior especially when we saw all the other kids (some much older than she) just losing it with the long days, heat or impatient parents.

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