Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Update - Epcot

The whole family stayed together for the first part of the day. We rode on The Living Seas where we took a ride with Nemo. Here is Husband and Little Miss inside Bruce, the Shark. Then, at some point, half the family went one way and the other half of us went to relax.
Little Miss was too little to ride the rides the other half went to visit. Plus, she fell asleep in her stroller. So, Brother-in-Law, his dad, Husband and I went back to the Norway pavillion and had cold beverages. I took a brief stop in Mexico and picked up a margarita and the boys all had beer. Little Miss slept for quite awhile while we just relaxed and had a breather.
At some point, the rest of the family rejoined us. We toured half of the countries until the kids asked to go home. So, we head back and put the kids to bed. It was a great first day!

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