Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Update - Rain Delay

Actually, the rain didn't really affect us too much.  We were just going to be lazy at the beach.  The rest of the family had plans to go to the water park.  So, we decided we were going to Downtown Disney/Disney Marketplace and walk around and shop a little.  The rest of the family decided at the last minute to come with us.

We walked into some shops.  In one, Little Miss put on this fedora and grabbed a matching bag.  She was so adorable and sassy, I took a quick photo.  Husband liked it so much, I thought he was going to buy her the hat, but it was a little too much for an impulse buy. 
We grabbed a bit of lunch and then met up with my parents, grandma and nephew.  They said they were going home and would take Little Miss.  So, while we were toddler-free, we picked up a few gifts.  However, the bus was delayed so we ended up all on the same bus home.  The rest of the day, we mostly just hung out, had dinner and went to bed a little early so we could have a long day at the Magic Kingdom.

I had to snap the below picture.  It's for Little Miss Matched but it was perfect for the blog. 

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