Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Update - Fun with Friends

Last weekend was a busy one! On Friday, we cleaned the apartment for a visit from friends. Husband's childhood friend, his wife and son came to visit on Saturday morning. Their son and Little Miss got along quite well and played together. Then, we drove to Nephew's first birthday party! It seems like yesterday that we were driving to the hospital to catch our first glimpse of him. It was a nice party, and Little Miss had a blast. There was no nap and she stayed up very late (around 11PM) so she was a little trooper.

On Sunday, we had some family time before our friends came over and then we all went to Dogfish Head Alehouse for lunch. After, we went to the National Aquarium. I don't think it was worth the money, but I was always curious so now my curiosity is satisfied. Little Miss barely made it through the day. After barely sleeping the night before, she made it through the day, but then both of us took a glorious nap in the late afternoon.
This week has gone by smoothly. Little Miss has been so good and so full of personality. She has been getting so excited for Disney World. So, blog will be quiet for a week and then many updates and pictures coming at you!

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