Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Update - The Magic Kingdom

Well, of course, the Magic Kingdom is why anyone who goes to DisneyWorld visits. It just happened to work out that it was one of the last things we did. Because we were probably going to separate and go our separate ways, it was very important that we all go on It's a Small World first because it is Grandma and Dad's favorite ride. We made sure the kids were with G.G. (great-grandmother).After, we had Little Miss's highlight of the trip - the carousel.  She loved it.  Her goal was to ride rides (see the below video). We then rode the Dumbo ride. It's a good thing none of us are prone to motion-sickness. You'd think Dumbo hit a great deal of turbulance the way Little Miss was directing our flight.
I made Little Miss pose with the drawfs. Of course, next year, Fantasyland is expanding by leaps and bounds and will feature a ton of new stuff including a drawf ride. However, for now, a picture next to the Coming Soon sign will have to do.
The rest of the day was a blur. We met up with everyone else so I could ride Great Thunder Mountain. Then, we had some lunch, went back to Frontierland and Liberty Square and then ate some dinner. After dinner, we went to Main Street to get some ice cream and stake out a spot for the Electric Light Parade. Little Miss was so excited for the parade and fireworks. Unfortunately, for her, she only got to see one of them (see next post).  Below is Little Miss and her ice cream.  She ate it until it inevitably started melting at which point, I got to eat the ice cream cone in a race against the heat.  I think the heat won.  It was so messy that, after the initial bite, Little Miss finished with her rain coat on.  Best decision we made that entire trip.  However, I'm not sure the rain coat will ever be the same.

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