Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Update - The Longest Day

Friday, as events unfolded, I, like everyone else, wanted to be home with my little one. However, I had my office holiday party. So, I settled for calling Little Miss at which point she informed me that she was busy playing on the computer and couldn't talk to me. The holiday party was fun and, when I got home, I cuddled her. She was sleeping so I got in a full 10 seconds in before she rolled over in her sleep.
On Saturday, we had the longest day in history. We woke up a little late and rushed to head to the US Botannical Gardens. Husband drove us which helped tremendously. We met Brother-in-law, Sister-in-Law and Nephew as well as another family. The last time we went to the Botannical Gardens, Little Miss was about 6 weeks old. So, I recreated that first picture down to the same pair of pants.
After we toured the train exhibit and the Botannical Gardens, we all went to lunch and then Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law were nice enough to drop us home.  Nephew boosted our ego by objecting loudly when we had to leave.  During lunch, there was a baby and Little Miss asked to hold her.  She's become very maternal.  It's super sweet. 

Within the hour, we had to head to Brother-in-Law and Nephew to celebrate Hanukkah.  Little Miss had a desire to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, but she didn't tell us until the day of so obviously I had nothing planned.  When I told Brother-in-Law, he suggested we do something for Hanukkah.  There was latkes and apple sauce and doughnuts.  Little Miss had a doughnut, but she was difficult about trying the latkes. I think she would have liked them though.  She did enjoy playing dreidel though (or, rather, she liked the chocolate).  When she got home, she declared that she "won Hanukkah".
Afterwards, we went to the mall for holiday portraits. We waited forever it seemed. After probably a half hour, the kids had their photo taken.  Then, we waited literally forever.  I bought the kids treats.  Then, they went to a couple of stores and we still hadn't even seen their photos.  Finally, they got to leave the mall and go back to Brother-in-Law's house to hang out.  The photo at least turned out cute even if they look like such big kids!  They had a late dinner and then Little Miss and I went home.

On Sunday, it was a lazy day.  I had a massage which was glorious.  My back doesn't ache anymore and I feel good, but it was a rough massage!  So, I think I have little bruises on my shoulders and neck which kind of do hurt.  I may have to ask for a lighter touch next time!  Also, it's not relaxing if you're ticklish.  Strangely, my feet weren't as ticklish as my sides and arms.  So embarrassing.  Little Miss stayed up way too late last night, but she was up this morning with minimal issues.  She is Mary in the procession in school today because, as the teacher put it, her "deep reverence to God".  It makes me giggle.  She told us she wanted to go to church, but we didn't.  Then, last night, she said we were supposed to go to church.  I told her we'd be going next week for Christmas and she seemed happy about that.  I may have to just get up and take her after Christmas.  We'll see how she is that first Sunday I wake her up.  She may change her tune.

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