Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Update - It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

Last Friday, I met a friend for manicures and then a movie. It was a relaxing time after a rough week and an even rougher Friday. On the way home, I went grocery shopping. On Saturday, Little Miss and I woke up and hung out. Then, we tidied the apartment, cleaned and got ready to go. Husband got up, and we all got in the car to go to storage to grab all the Christmas decorations and get a tree. There were a lot some mishaps along the way. We got to storage and Husband couldn't find the key to the lock. This is after he went back to the apartment specifically to get the key so he knew he had it. It turns out that it slipped out of his pocket, but it still resulted in going back home and then back to storage. By this time, we were all a bit cranky. At one point of the grumbling, Little Miss just said, "Come on, guys. This is nothing to fight over. You all just need to CALM DOWN." I giggled. Husband did calm down and he even had a smirk. We later laughed out loud especially after imagining how well our dads would have taken to the chastising. We then went out to the tree farm which is a good distance away. Only to find out that it is no longer in operation. So, most of our day was gone at this point. We got off the exit where I work and drove to see what else we could find. We were going to stop off at Home Depot if we couldn't find anything else. We found a small nursery and stopped in there. We picked up the perfect size tree, a small pointsettia, and tree bags and watering thingy.
When we got home, I did all the decorating excluding the tree and undecorated Halloween and Thanksgiving. The Inlaws came over to help Husband put the tree in the stand (because I'm useless there) while I switched our plates from regular to snowmen. Then, Husband cooked dinner. Earlier, Little Miss and I made brownies with M&M's.
On Sunday, the three of us went to Breakfast with Santa. Then, we hit the grocery store for a couple of items and dropped Husband home. Little Miss and I then met Sister-in-Law and nephew for Christmas portraits. Nephew is 2 1/2 so it's a difficult time. Little Miss was the same way at that age. Still, we yielded a couple of nice ones so that was our only goal. Lucky for me (sarcasm), I get to go through this all again next week when Little Miss poses with the other nephew. Kill me now. I can't wait. The four of us went to lunch and then Little Miss and I walked the mall for a little bit before heading home where we both took a very long nap.

Busy weekend and they are only going to get busier until the new year.