Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who is Sleeping in My Bed?

Little Miss never slept in our bed - not as an infant and not now.  Exceptions for me are when Husband is out of town, I let her crawl in with me, but she'll start in her room.  Exceptions for Husband are when Little Miss wakes up close to morning.  This morning, it was not close to morning, but he let it slide - probably because she actually didn't overcrowd him.  When asked why she crawled into our bed, she just said, "I just needed to be with my mommy and daddy."  Husband looked at me and said he couldn't argue with that logic.

She's clever, too.  She climbs into our bed at the foot and goes straight up the middle so as not to disrupt us.  I don't even wake up most times or, if I do, it's because she slips between the covers clumsily.  In the summer, if the covers are off, I won't even notice.  She's like a bed ninja.